Monday, August 9, 2010

Wedding Treats & Candy: Fabulous Idea!

Candy at a wedding can be tacky. However...when done right, you have conquered your guest's attention.  If you live in New York City you are in luck. Amy Atlas Events has some of the most elegant candy settings and yummy treats you can imagine. I really can't wait to have them at any of my events. 

GlambrideNYC Special!!

Best deal on the web. New designs will be added soon.
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Inspiration board 9: Winter Wedding

I have skipped our fall board but do not be alarmed, I will get to it eventually. 
We are 4 months away from winter. Nothing is more romantic and wonderful than a winter wedding. The decor is drastic, the cakes are taller, the gowns are puffier and full of details. I think for a woman getting married in the winter, she has bigger plans for her wedding day. 
Photo Credits: Wedding Dress by Vera Wang/ Wedding cake by Flourconfections / Decor by Preston Bailey / Bridesmaid Dress by TwobridsBridesmaids / Invitation by GlambrideNYC